New Travelist is a collaborative platform that allows travellers, writers, photographers, and wanderers to tell their unique travel stories. We exist to inspire unique and authentic travel experiences, and to provide a platform to let those stories be heard. Our aim is to give every city, town and village on earth a voice and ultimately, to make unique travel experiences accessible and easy find.


Our beautiful planet is home to endless culture, open spaces, wildlife and densely inhabited cities. All corners of Earth have something beautiful and unique to offer. In order for us to fulfil our mission of giving every city, town and village a voice we need passionate explorers and story tellers to help us.


We’re a collective of passionate writers, photographers, videographers, and above all travellers who have a stories to tell. We want to shed light on the unfound, untapped, unique and off the beaten trail places on earth to encourage people to get out there and explore.


Use our site to grow your following and host your content. This is an open collaboration platform; if you have something to say about your travels then we want to help you make that happen. Writing for us, you can reach a global audience, achieve your professional dreams and work with top-notch editors. We love partnering with everyone and anyone who has visited somewhere on earth and has a story to tell. Not sure if you have what it takes to write a full story? No problem, we have editors and creatives on deck to help you shape your story.


New Travelist is all about the unique, untold stories of both unseen and familiar places. We want to provide readers with an interesting perspective and insight into a place worth visiting. We publish stories that are authentically told, insightful, personal, and above all inspire others to get out and explore the world. We aren’t interested in lists of ‘top ten must see’ articles, or travel guides.

Have a look at some of our stories to get a feel for the type of content we publish. Most New Travelist stories range from 1,500 to 2,500 words, depending on your experience and what you have to say about the place. We’re not strict on the length but would ideally like to give readers a detailed insight of the place to equip them with useful information should they choose to visit.


Make it your own, give it a unique angle. A good story starts with a personal experience, your motivations and a clear idea of what you want to convey to your readers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

If something you have experienced while traveling inspired, frightened, or brought you joy, then we want to hear it!


In order to inspire our readers and give them an insight into the different places we would like to include photography as part of your story. If you do not have photography from the location you want to write about then please get in touch and we can help you source photos for your story. We’re after quality not quantity so please submit photos that are well shoot and creative, be selective and include photos that supplement the narrative of your story. 

Stories about conservation efforts.

Stories to help shed light on an issue in a foreign country.

Personal essays about an experience that taught you something about life, about people, or about yourself.

A fresh perspective on a frequently visited destination.

A story about a particular experience within your travels or a unique insight into a particular culture.


We take the hard work out of getting your story published, simply collect the following content, send it to hello@newtravelist.com and we will take care of the rest.

1. Your Name2. Your Bio for our contributors page and your profile information (50-200 words)3. Title of your story4. Geographic coordinates of place(s) your story talks about5. One sentence summary of your story6. Links to your websites, social channels, blogs, or any other site you would like us to promote7. Body of your story (1000-3000 words). This can be in draft format if you would like help editing just let us know. Please send this in plain text (body of your email), word or PDF format8. Photography or video footage: Make sure you send a short description or caption for every photo and let us know where you would like it inserted in the article. Please ensure all photos are minimum 2000 pixels wide. Please make sure compression settings are not too high as we want the photos to look good9. A headshot for us to add to our contributors page and your profile

Once you have collected all the above, please send it to hello@newtravelist.com in a compressed package. Please make sure the package doesn’t exceed more than 10MB. If it does please use a file transferring service. We’ll take it from there. We are receiving material from various sources all the time and quality control all submissions so please give us time to read your articles and review the photos. We typically publish within 1-2 weeks from the time of submission.

Please ensure that you are the owner of all the materials submitted to us. If you decide to use photos that are not yours but fall under Creative Commons licensing model please make sure you include details of the author in the caption and the file name. New Travelist is not taking responsibility for its contributors copyright infringement so please ensure you’ve got everything covered nicely before sending your content to us.