We are looking for inspirational storytellers and lost travellers from all corners of the world who can help us form a collective of passionate travel writers and photographers. Our objective is to create an extensive archive of interesting and unique stories about every single place, town and city in the world.

New Travelist is a collaboration project between creative minds from all walks of life, people who work in different industries, people who come from different backgrounds who have a natural passion for traveling, writing and photographing the beautiful spots they visit. We feel that every location on the planet no matter how small, inaccessible, little-known or iconic has something to offer and deserves to be known. We believe that every place is worth a story and we want you to tell it.


Simple. Pick a place you visited and loved, write a story about your journey through that place and supplement it with quality photos or videos. See our criteria below and get in touch if you have any questions or require more guidance.

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For every place in the World, we want to publish a minimum of one story for each city, village, town, river or a mountain. If a place is identifiable on a map we definitely want to hear about it. If it’s not perhaps you can be the first person who can put it on a map. The insights in your story need to be real. The writing needs to capture the feel of the place, the flavour of its culture, its unique look, its individual character and what is probably the most important thing to us, what did it feel like for you to experience it.


We’re not looking for stories about whole countries. Our focus is more on a specific place or a sequence of places in your journey. We’re not interested in ‘top-things-to do’ lists. We’re not interested in business reviews or get involved in politics of the place.


 This is an opportunity to be a published author, cited by others. We will feature and credit all contributors and photographers. Most importantly, this is a platform where you can promote a place you feel passionate about which you feel should have a voice and a presence online. You can be its voice inspiring others to follow your journeys.


Your story must capture a place’s essence in a way that inspires readers to explore a place they might otherwise have never heard of or considered. There are no limitations on style, as long as the writing is inspiring, colourful, honest and insightful. The writer would have had to personally visited or lived in the place they are writing about. The writer is expected to inform the readers about general must-know about each pace as well as personal recommendations. The stories need to give readers a unique and honest insight into a city, covering the writers personal experience and include some general must-know information. Most New Travelist stories range from 1,500 to 2,500 words, depending on how big the place you’re writing about is. We’re not strict on the length but would ideally like to give readers a detailed view of the place to equip them with useful information in case they choose it as their next destination.


In order to inspire our readers and give them an insight into the different places we would like to include photography as part of the articles. If you do not have photography from the location you want to write about then please get in touch and we can help you source photos for your story. We’re after quality not quantity so please submit photos that are well exposed and creative, be selective and include photos that supplement your story well. Make sure you send a short description or caption for every photo and let us know where you would like it inserted in the article. Please ensure all photos are minimum 2000 pixels wide. If you know how please optimize all files for web but make sure quality is retained. It’s acceptable for a photo at 2000 pixels wide to be anything between 200 and 500KB. If you’re not sure how to optimize let us know and we will do it for you. No dramas.


Make it your own, give it a unique angle. A good story starts with a personal experience, your motivations and a clear idea of what you want to convey to your readers. Here are some ideas to get you started. What motivated you to visit the place? What cultural insights did you gain? What did you find most exciting about the place? Is it unique in any way? What defines the place geographically? What defines the locals and their culture? Subjects could include photography, food, lodgings, backpacking, ecotourism, learning experiences, short getaways, adventure and extreme travel.


Compress the package containing copy and photography and send it to us. Please make sure the package doesn’t exceed more than 10MB. If it does please use a file transferring service. We’ll take if from here. We are receiving material from various sources all the time. We quality control all submissions so please give us time to read your articles and review the photos. We should be able to publish it within 1-2 weeks from the time you submit it to us.

Send the package to: stories@newtravelist.com


Please ensure that you are the owner of all materials submitted for publication. If you choose to use photos that are not yours but fall under the Creative Commons license please specify this for every single photo attached along with the individual credit requirement. New Travelist is not taking responsibility for its contributors copyright infringement so please ensure you’ve got everything covered nicely before sending your stuff to us.