Made For Storytellers And Creatives

We are on the lookout for traveling storytellers and authentic content creators.

We've made New Travelist for creative minds who come from all walks of life. We've made it for people who have a natural curiosity for the world and an insatiable passion for traveling. We've created this platform for writers, photographers, videographers and bloggers who are not only inspired and fuelled by the uniqueness and beauty of our planet but more importantly, people who want to inspire others into their own bold adventures. We believe that every single village, town and city, no matter how small and inaccessible, unknown or iconic, has something to offer and deserves its own unique story.  We would like you to be the author of that story.

The Stories We Want

We are looking for original and authentic travel stories written for humans not search engines. One of our objectives is to ultimately host a story about every single spot on the planet no matter how small. We are looking for stories with interesting insights, stories which teach unique and valuable lessons and stories that have a purpose woven into them. Your writing needs to capture the feel of the place, the flavour of its culture, its look and its smell, its individual character and more importantly we want you to tell us why did you go there and what did you get out of it.

The Stories We Don't Want

We are generally not interested in publishing stories about whole countries. We don't like cliches like top ten lists of things a common tourist would be interested in. Not that there is anything wrong with a common tourist. It just isn't our jam. Avoid focusing your story on specific business reviews like hotels, bars, night clubs etc. Most importantly please try to stay away from politics unless you have a really good reason that is conducive to general comprehension of your experience. Our world is polarised by and permeated with politics as is so let's try to avoid that topic. Ultimately we want to build unity and shared understanding between different nationalities and cultures instead of creating more division.

What's In It For You

Publishing your experience on provides you with an opportunity to expose your content to the world. It will also give you an opportunity to promote yourself, promote your work but also promote your product if you have a product to promote. More importantly our platform will give you a unique opportunity to promote the place you have traveled to and created a story about. If you find that place inspiring, strange and beautiful and would like to send others in your footsteps, this is the place where you can do it. We would love to add you to our ever growing family of contributors.

How To Submit Your Story

Our process is pretty simple. Pick a place you visited and loved, write a story about your trip and select a set of photos or videos which compliment the narrative. Put all the files into a zipped up package and send it to our email – Make sure the zip file does not exceed 12MB. If it does for whatever reason do use a file transfer service like That’s it, we will do the rest. We quality control all submissions so please give us time to read your story and review the photos. In most cases we should be able to publish your story within 2-3 weeks from the date we’ve received your package of files.