The Purpose

Our human culture and its evolution is predicated on proliferation of stories. Stories made our civilization what is is today. Rich, diverse, deep and incredibly complex. Without stories we simply would not be here.

We have created New Travelist for those who love to travel. For people who find meaning through thoughtful engagement with various cultures and for people who have an insatiable sense of curiosity and thirst for adventure. For people who do things with deliberate intent and always find a lesson in a challenging situation. We have created this platform with a very simple twofold purpose in mind. One is to create beautiful space for content creators to share their traveling experiences and stories. Two, is to inspire our audience and create a shared vision of our world. A shared vision that will allow us to face challenges of the future as a united collective.

The Principles


Sounds strange but we do like borders. Borders hold ideas and ideas manifest unique cultures. We think it's amazing that ideas can manifest such different outcomes on essentially the same hardware. A uniform, hyper globalised world where all countries look, sound and operate in the same manner truly scares us and we refuse to take part in the creation of such world.


We all have a responsibility to take care of our beautiful planet. All we know this might be the only planet in the known universe supporting intelligent life. We encourage responsible and well planned traveling with the lowest possible footprint as well as exploration of alternative transport modalities. The most memorable trips I have had were the long cross country ones on a bicycle.


Travel has the power to go well beyond a simple indulgence for the self. When done thoughtfully it has a massive impact on conservation of beautiful places as well as conservation of beautiful creatures. We want to continue working with contributors who are passionate about this subject matter and ensure we're promoting their conservational causes on our pages.


Any form of tourism has to be conducted in absolute harmony with the attributes and traditions of the host regions and countries and in respect for their customs, practices and law. It is only through that respect and adherence to local traditions and values one will be able to engage with the culture in a meaningful way and consequently create a shared understanding of the world.

The Mission

Stories and experiences have incredible natural power to connect people from different backgrounds and artificially constructed boundaries.

What we want to achieve at a foundational level is to create a shared and unified vision of the world through inspiring storytelling and promotion of authentic engagement with different cultures. We live in a terribly polarised world with so many of us being constantly conditioned to seek safety and comfort. To be fearful of the other, to be fearful of the world and to be terrified of risk taking. We want to bring down that status quo and encourage more people to step outside of the comfort space and embrace the world in a bold and curious manner.

"Tourism is a genuine driver of solidarity and development. Let us all fully harness its power to bring people and communities together, abiding by the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. This way tourism can keep delivering better opportunities and sustainable development for millions across the globe."

 Zurab Pololikashvili, UNWTO Secretary-General