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The Noor is a short drone film shot entirely on DJI Mini 2 in the beautiful landscapes of frozen lake Baikal, in the Eastern Siberia region of Russia. Noor (Hyyp) is a Buryat word for lake, and Buryat are one of the largest indigenous group of local people who have populated this part of Russia hundreds of years ago. I had to use their beautiful word for the title of my short film. My objective was to portray lake Baikal from a different perspective and create something unique and original. These days the lake is a hectic tourist destination, a fun and lively place where you can see a lot of photographers and other creative people wanting to capture its beauty, but what I wanted to show was how the lake would look and feel to the people living there few decades ago. As a lonely traveler you would feel captured, trapped in a totally frozen environment, in awe of its natural beauty and full of respect for the harsh nature ruling over this part of the world. As a cinematographer I tried to use sound, colour and motion to create that feel.

Lake Baikal in Numbers


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Hope you have enjoyed my short film and hope one day you will explore lake Baikal for yourself.


Vadim Sherbakov