3200 km backpacking longboard trip, exploring the wilderness of Moroccan south coast.

After leaving my job, I decided to forget the traditional lifestyles that others have traced for us and start creating my own one. A life with no worries and a lot more of what makes me happy.

One month later I found myself on the treshold of starting the biggest trip of my life. It’s the first time I’m going to hit the road with no plans, go to places I’ve never visited before and have very little idea how long the entire journey will take. Nothing is defined, nothing is planned out. Unpredictability awaits and that’s how I wanted it. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to travel with my longboard all the way down to Dakhla. 

I’ve been working some freelance jobs here and there and managed to save enough money to buy a decent tent, a new sleeping bag, fix up some of my traveling gear and get few useful gadgets that will help me conquer the distance of 3200 kilometres. April is here, I feel excited, I’m ready. The adventure begins.

I was so excited about being far from home I spent the first night on the move. I took a train from Mohammedia to Marrakech and then jumped on a bus to Agadir. I didn’t sleep, instead I waited for the sunrise which was absolutely glorious. I kept going until I found myself in Sidi Ifni approximately 300KM from Casablanca. I can smell the freedom in the air.  Why did I wait so long to do this trip?

Morocco is only 8 miles (13 km) from Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Couple of months earlier I sat in the office in front of a massive screen doing a bit of research about the places I was contemplating visiting. One of them was Legzira. I put the name into Google Images, It looked amazing. I started dreaming about it and the idea of this trip formulated in my head. Now, finally I was there thinking to myself “DAMN! this place really does exist!”

I’ve bumped into few amazing surfers in Sidi Ifni who invited me to a couscous party. Yes, your read that correctly. These guys cooked a lot of it, we shared food, and chatted for hours. Meeting new people when traveling by myself is probably the most rewarding thing for me. I love these authentic, deep, meaningful and fulfilling conversations with strangers. We get so wrapped up in our office day to day that we sometimes forget how to connect with each other. Traveling and reconnecting with people this way really reminds me how important a good conversation is.

I kept going. I passed through Gulmim, Tantan and didn’t stop till I got Tarfaya. I was moving fast, changing my mind about where to go next, choosing my roads, walking my own path. I decided to camp on the outskirts of this small town. I was alone. I don’t think there was another human being in the area. I couldn’t see anyone in the distance. All I could see was the sand around me, a blue cloudless sky and the sun distributing its potent energy onto this place. I can’t really put a finger on it but the sensations I was experiencing were strange and new to me. I found excitement in feeling lost and not knowing what to do next. Traveling solo is all about challenging your fears and insecurities. I can’t help but feel that it’s a critical element that had a profound impact on me and changed me deeply. This is one of the key reasons I’ve decided to do this trip solo.

The barren area of land, my longboard and my thoughts.

When you explore new places you can also explore new feelings — every thread of awareness becomes hypersensitive. It’s a surreal blend of fear, excitement and vulnerability.

I stopped just for 3 hours in Laayoun. The darkness came, but i didn’t want to stay there. I jumped on a bus and spent the whole night on the road.

Arrived in Dakhla, it’s 5am and the best way to wait for the sunrise is enjoying a ride to the beach. That moment when you are the only one outside riding your longboard with your backpack in an empty city that you are visiting for the first time. I don’t have the words that would effectively describe how I felt in the moment. It was pure joy wrapped up in a lot of happiness.  


I’ve spent two days exploring the city of Dakhla where I meet with Shams-Eddine, my cousin’s rather crazy friend. The guy knew everything about the places around the city which I wanted to visit. We had a very good conversation around some of the places of interest, which made me realise that while I was crossing the dessert at night I unfortunately missed registering the natural beauty of the places. I had to go back. I couldn’t believe it but these places, these spots Shams-Eddine talked to me about had to be seen. I was so pumped I forgot to bring food with me.

It’s hard to find words for me to describe how I felt in that little paradise. At the end of the first day I got online and had a chance to put a picture up on my Instagram for my friends to see what I’ve been up to. The caption was “Today was the best day of my whole life!” and that should give you some idea what I thought in my head and what I felt in my heart. Next night was incredibly magical with the most beautiful night sky I have seen in a long long time. When there are not city lights to distract the star light the view is incredible. You can see what appears to be an infinite number of them flickering gently in the night sky. 

I had to go back to the city to get some food, charge my batteries and see my friend Shams one more time before leaving the beautiful Dakhla. I couldn’t help it but feel sad when I was leaving this place. That unforgettable experience was something that I’ve never lived through before and that to me was the essence of it all. Do what matters to you, do what inspires you and makes you grow. These experiences are the fuel of my life. Your real wealth is measured in experiences that you collect and not the possessions you accumulate in your life.

Later that day I jumped on the bus for what turned out to be a 20h journey to Agadir.

Imsouane is the only location where I decided to stay for more than 5 days. It’s a lovely fishermen’s village 80 km from Essaouira. It’s a pretty relaxed place where I enjoyed a lot of surfing, swimming in the sea and exploring the nearby spots on my longboard.

There were so many awesome surfers there that have left everything behind, their homes and their day jobs to move to Imsouane. They form an interesting community, they help each other, respect each other and create a lot of positive energy. They live like a big one, well functioning family. I felt very fortunate to be around these inspirational people.

After leaving the paradise of surfers I traveled to Essaouira where I connected with my friends from Casablanca and Rabat. Together we traveled to Safi where we had some mutual Facebook friends we were about to see in real life for the first time. The long journey was coming to an end. After traveling for 3200km I finally felt I’m ready to go back home.