New Travelist is a place where you can discover the most iconic and globally recognised cities to some of the smallest and most remote villages on Earth.

We bring together writers, travellers and photographers from all over the world to give you a detailed and honest insight into every single place on our planet.

We’ve created New Travelist for the free spirited, for the restless and continuously curious individuals, for travellers from all walks of life with an insatiable thirst for discovery and exploration. We've built this platform for all of you who want to share your stories and inspire others to follow your footsteps.

New Travelist Founders

Patrick McGregor


Like most people in this world I love to travel. I love moving around and exploring different countries with my camera in my backpack. I love talking to locals and sampling their culture. It’s like oxygen for me - firmly embedded in my DNA – I need it to feel alive. I have always considered myself a rather fortunate person; from a young age I have had the freedom and means to move around from country to country. By the time I hit 20 I’d seen most parts of Europe, from the northern areas of Scandinavia to the southern tip of Sicily and Spanish Cadiz. I found out very early on that I liked to travel differently. Where others wanted to stay in fancy hotels, I worked on the fields with a host family in Cuba. I’ve always preferred authenticity to luxury: authentic people and cultures rather than the security and comfort of a five star resort. I think setting up New Travelist was always on the cards for me, it was just a matter of time. Finding the right moment and the right partner to create something that hadn’t been done before. We’ve built this as a platform for everyone who likes a good traveling story. For writers, for photographers, for videographers and for everyone else who travels differently. We want to inspire quality experiences and ultimately build a community that can collaborate on different social projects, have a sense of purpose and drive positive change. This is just the beginning of a big journey - an adventure I'm incredibly excited about.


Natasha Kojokari


I have an obsession with travel and discovery, which has been the key motivator to start NewTravelist. Coming from a country very few people have heard of, and even fewer have visited, I always found myself telling its story and ‘placing it on the map'. Moldova is probably one of the smallest countries in the region of Eastern Europe, and like many other places on Earth, there is so much to discover than people know. For me, travel has always opened my mind and eyes to the fact that there is more than one way of existing. There is a great deal to learn from openly experiencing and being part of a different culture, a new environment and a whole new world! Today, many destinations have been specially tailored and commercialised to accommodate the masses at the cost of a less authentic experience. New Travelist aims to shed some light on these less heard of and locations and hear the stories from the people that know them best. Being part of a community telling real stories about places that are close to our hearts is incredibly rewarding, and I hope it will change people's perceptions about many locations on earth.


Our Vision

To make travel truly global by giving every place in the world a presence and a voice. With this vision we hope to inspire readers to explore beyond guidebooks and see the beauty of every corner of the world.